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We brothers, Yogesh Patil & Vivek Patil, are inspired by our father Late Mr. V. B. Patil (Deputy Chief Engineer in Sugar factory). Our father pioneer of this organization left sugar factory and started own business in the name of V. B. Patil Engineers with the scope of Turbine overhauling in 1972. We brothers accompanied him and shared his business with values. Once in 1984, we got an opportunity to produce & supply Heat Exchanger, (Oil Cooler) for Steam Turbine and that was the first opening to enter Heat transfer Equipment field. With many hurdle and solutions we could supply this first Heat Exchanger successfully. We were delighted by producing (first) heat exchanger & fascinated with this product. But after supplying (first) heat exchanger, it left with many questions about Heat Exchanger. But as normally said every question has an answer. Gradually we came across many technical parameters, requirements then further with the time, we got familiar with Thermal & Mechanical design, welding technology, welding codes, Quality Assurance and Quality Controls, global design & fabrication codes. And with the bunch of enriched knowledge and skilled employees we incorporated in 1995 where United Heat Transfers Pvt. Ltd. came into existence. We are so charmed with this product, & from 1995 till today we have supplied almost 30000 nos of Heat exchangers across the globe.

We also learned value based education from our father Late Mr. V.B. Patil. He always insisted us on three values while in the business, Quality, Honesty & Realistic Prices. We always put emphasis on our reliability, producing heat transfer equipment that is safe, effective, and economical.

With this encouragement we brothers have started United Heat Transfer Pvt. Ltd in year 1995. Today considering our fatherís value education we have further added value by analyzing our team then created Mission & Vision to achieve goals. Our Mission & Vision not only help us keep the end goal in mind at all times, they will also inspire all of the stake holders.

We are always motivated by our enthusiasm to learn new things, develop new products, cost competitiveness, to expose our self to various new challenges. Good communication skills, teamwork between our employee, colleagues creates a good working environment.


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