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manufacturers-heat-exchangers-india-export Infrastructure


Land & building

Plot Area

8200 Sqm.

Administrative block

418 Sqm.

Production Area

3426 Sqm.

Open Yard

4365 Sqm.

Manufacturing Bays

7 Nos


  700 HP.

Portable Heat treatment furnace

1 Nos

Dryer for Welding Consumables 1 Nos
Heat Treatment Oven (Coating) 1 Nos
Paint Oven 1 Nos
Shot Blasting 1 Nos
Shot Blasting & Painting Booth. 1 Nos
CNC Plazma cutting machine. 1 Nos
Hydraulic bullet expansion machine.
1 Nos



Our strength is qualified, skilled & well trained work force. Skill enhancement & continuous trainings encourage employees to improve their skills. It can be observed from the list of employees below that we are shielded with versatile & experienced manpower.


Total No. of Employee 

103 Nos.

Marketing /Sales Engineers

03 Nos.

Thermal & Mechanical Engineers                    

03 Nos.

Executive 2D/3D Modeling

04 Nos.

FEA Analysis (Engineer)                     

01 Nos.

Purchase Engineers

03 Nos.


02 Nos.

 Quality Control Engineers  08 Nos.
 Planning  01 Nos.
 Estimation  02 Nos.
 Shop Supervisors  07 Nos.
 Welding Engineers  01 Nos.
 Qualified Welders  11 Nos.
 Shop Employees  51 Nos.
 Accountants  03 Nos.
 Human Resources  02 Nos.

They are well back-up by software & instruments.

Our products are manufactured in several well-planned production lines. In these areas, United heat Transfers has proven its capability to manufacture in high volume and consistently create high quality products. These highly efficient machinery allow us to greatly reduce production costs, helping to ensure our products' competitive prices. Equipment and tools are performed by skilled, experienced technicians.


Over the years, we, with our sub-vendors have invested considerably in high precision machining equipment. The result has been production efficiency improvement, continually upgrading and enhancing our ability to meet our commitment to product, quality and productivity.



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