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United Heat Transfer Pvt. Ltd, (UHTPL) an Indian engineering goods manufacturing company have collaborated with SRP-Germany GMBH to Design, Marketing, Sales, Assembling and servicing of various ranges of Gasketed & Semi- welded Plate Heat Exchangers in India.

The Plate Heat Exchanger consists of a number of thin corrugated plates pressed out of high grade metals. Two or more fluids of different temperature profiles pass through alternate channels for heat transfer to take place.

Gasketed PHE:
Elastomeric gaskets are provided between two plate channels to ensure flow patterns as per design conditions.

Semi-Welded PHE:
Alternately a pair of plates is welded together to form a semi-welded plate heat exchanger. Between 2 pair of welded plates elastomeric gaskets are provided



  • Connections: Bolted/Lined/Flanged/Screwed
  • Design Standards: ASME/PED/DIN
  • Plate Material: SS304/SS316L/Ti/SMO 254/Hastelloy
  • Gasket Material: NBR/EPDM/HEPDM/CR/Viton/PTFE
  • Pressure / Temperature: 6 to 30 Bar / -20 to 240o C
  • Flow / PHE: 4 to 1200 m3/hr


Plate Heat Exchanger offer following advantages:
  • High heat transfer efficiency resulting in best optimized design for Heat recovery & Low temperature approach cases
  • Plate geometry enables high turbulence across plate channels resulting in low fouling tendancies
  • Low hold up volume & thin plate material ensures less bulkier designs & savings in installations costs
  • Easy to expand or reconfigure duty conditions thus saving in capital,
  • Low capital costs for corrosive applications
  • Easy to inspect & access for cleaning




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