United Heat Transfer Pvt. Ltd

Moisture Separators

Operation Principle

Cyclonic style separators are pressure drop dependent, the gas flow is directed into the cyclone inlet chamber where the unique UH spin assembly creates an effective centrifugal force causing the entrained liquid (and/or solids) to spin under a centrifugal force. These strong forces cause the liquids and solids along with the gas to spiral downward against the wall of the separator. Liquid (along with any entrained solids) spiral downward and will flow through drainage holes into the isolated collection chamber. The gas at this point changes direction, and still spinning passes upward towards the dry gas outlet. To ensure any residual liquid attached to the separation cone is not drawn by the upward gas flow into the outlet a flange is fitted to stop upward liquid flow. This flange also alleviates any centripetal force creating a suction vortex as the gas exits the separation chamber and enters the vortex finder. Once clear of the separation outlet the gas flows through 180° into a downward exit tube to a vertically downward exit pipe.

Advantages of UHTPL designed Moisture Separator:

  • Such is the design of that flows volume can be decreased or increased whilst still maintaining good liquid (& Solid) removal efficiency
  • With a side entry inlet and vertically down outlet considerable space savings can be achieved, essential when protecting any device with a vertical entry such as compressor
  • Being a self contained unit having Gas Entry Chamber, Separation Chamber, Integral Liquid (& solids) collection chambers all isolated from the gas outlet (Vortex finder).
  • It is also an added advantage to have the Inlet and outlet on the same centre line unlike separators which have a tangential inlet to achieve the required centrifugal forces.
  • The liquid collection chamber can be increased in size to handle large volumes & allows for fitting automatic level control devices, level gauging and pressure gauges.
  • Differential pressure gauges (& or transmitters) can also be added to meet the customers requirements.
  • Flue gas reactors
  • In order to meet pressure vessel requirements all separators can be fitted with pressure safety devices (PSV) and or Bursting Discs.