Chief Finance Officer

Mr. Vinayak Parab

Position: Chief Finance Officer
Driving Innovation and Customer Focus in the Industry

Personal Biography

A financial leader with a keen eye for growth, Mr. Vinayak Parab brings nearly 20 years of experience to United Heat Transfer. His track record of success is built on a combination of persuasive leadership and financial acumen. Mr. Parab excels in navigating dynamic environments, spearheading strategic and financial planning while maintaining tight financial controls. His proven ability to achieve positive business results makes him a key asset in driving sustainable growth for United Heat Transfer.

Experience & Career

Mr. Vinayak Parab is adept at leading the finance function, providing consultation on financial matters, and overseeing business process transformation to drive growth.
With a background in banking and financial consulting, Mr. Vinayak Parab has honed his skills in financial analysis, cost-saving strategies, and fund management.
Mr. Vinayak Parab demonstrates expertise in project assessment, budgeting, cash flow management, and financial decision-making, contributing significantly to business profitability.

Strategic Implementation

Mr. Vinayak Parab’s blend of financial acumen, operational excellence, and strategic planning make him instrumental in translating business strategies into tangible results. His ability to bridge the gap between planning and execution ensures the efficient realization of company objectives