Domains We Serve

United Heat Transfer Limited has worked on solo projects as well as with Global partners for decades to deliver high-tech solutions on the global platform. Today, United Heat Transfer Limited has designed and executed projects across all domains and served in all continents.

Industries We Impact


We provide heat exchangers for optimizing efficiency in various compressor applications.

Petro Chemical

Our heat exchangers deliver reliable thermal management solutions for the chemical processing industry.


Our robust heat exchangers meet the demanding thermal management needs of defense equipment

Diesel & Gas Gense

Our heat exchangers ensure optimal cooling for diesel and gas generator sets.

Food & Beverages

Our heat exchangers support precise temperature control and hygiene standards in food processing.

Oil & Gas Sectors

We provide a comprehensive range of heat exchangers for various applications in the oil & gas industry.

Pulp & Paper

We provide heat exchangers that optimize energy usage and product quality in pulp & paper production.


Our heat exchangers are essential for ensuring efficient and reliable processes in refinery operations.

Ship Building & Marine

We offer heat exchangers built for the demanding conditions of marine environments


Our heat exchangers are crucial for maintaining efficient and reliable processes in sugar production.