United Heat Transfer Pvt. Ltd

Jacket Water Heat Exchanger (Header Tank Heat Exchanger)

The experience we have accumulated during last 28 years of serving process industries qualifies us to provide clients worldwide with the highest quality equipment. Jacket Water Heat Exchangers are meant for cooling the water in engine water circuit. They also avoid aeration in the circuit by easy venting at initial water fill up.

UHTPL designed Jacket Water Heat Exchangers have flexibly assembled in the casted housing with floating tube bundle (Removable type). This avoids thermal stresses in the heat exchangers. These heat exchangers are suitable for both marine & non marine applications.

Applications of Jacket Water Heat Exchangers

  • Large Engines
  • Heavy Trucks
  • Mining Trucks
  • Marine Diesel Engines
  • Freighters
  • Rail-way Diesel Engine
  • Heavy Haulages
  • Maritime ships
  • Cruise and cargo ships
  • Ferries
  • Power Generation Set
  • Supertankers
  • Trawlers
  • Mega-yachts

Advantages of UHTPL Header Tank Heat Exchangers

  • Low weight housings reduce total weight
  • Least thermal stresses
  • Easy venting of air
  • Design flexibility
  • Material flexibility
  • High performance: compact and cost-effective
  • Custom design